Hello, Tori here.  Get ready for some serious gif action. 

I design healthy lifestyles without an "all or nothing" approach.

I believe you can have the healthy lifestyle without the "bro diet", HIIT workouts, and 3-hour Sunday meal preps.  You can have the sugar, bread, cream in your coffee, and everything in-between. 

No celery juice required.  Some assembly required.  Let me show you what I mean...

B E C O M I N G  A  C L I E N T

A love story.  Just kidding.  Sort of.


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  • Rules and restriction sucks.  How did being healthy become so hard??  No sugar, no carbs, HIIT 3x a week... BORING. You're over it.
  • Information OVERLOAD! You'd rather lick a frozen pole than do another Google search. But...how do I stop falling off track...
  • Choices, choices...but which is the right one? Where do you start? What's the best diet to follow? Should I avoid anything? Should I count calories? How do I really get a flat stomach? I'm overwhelmed.
  • You feel like you've been doing everything but you're STILL not seeing results, WHAT GIVES?
  • Shgakjfkajlgj!!!! 

You want to be here ⇨

  • You eat a cookie, or two or three, and zero guilt follows. Food freedom, baby.
  • Self-love, we love her.  You feel light as a feather when you don't obsess over your weight and body image.
  • A change in dietary preferences. You actually crave fruit and veggies?? That's a new one...
  • You exercise YOUR way, your how, and not just to burn calories. Hmm...sleep has improved markedly as well...
  • The best part: you live and eat like a normal person and you feel like Lightning McQueen on the racetrack.  Kachow! 

If I'm not in your brain yet, have you ever thought...

  • I'm consistent in bursts.  Somehow I always fall of the wagon. Weekends are my kryptonite. Where is my self-control, honestly?
  • Missing workouts and eating bad pushes the finish line farther away. 
  • If I didn't sweat, it doesn't count. Why am I not sore today? 999 crunches, 1000...
  • I'm scared of going in reverse.  I feel like I'm always walking on eggshells. 
  • I don't even want to be shredded, I just want to live and eat like a normal person. And be toned, idk.
  • UGH I'm always thinking about food!  I feel so guilty for eating certain things.  I feel like I can't have chocolate, for Pete's sake!
  • Getting my picture taken, trying on clothes, dating, doing it with the lights on...NOPE, I don't feel confident enough. 
  • Oh, and social media makes all of this worse :) 

E N T E R  C O A C H, that's me (Tori)

Unfortunately for me, I've lived through ALL of that already, plus an eating disorder or two, so I've had my trials of fitness!  Excuse the dark humor. 

Lucky for us both...I made it to greener pastures and now I spend my free time reading Pubmed studies and helping you do the same while I drink Tinto de Verano in Spain. More on that later... back to business.

OK let's bond even DEEPER if you're not already cackling at this page yet...scroll on down, sister.

Here's what gets me Level-10 pissed...

  • Paying for food that didn't taste good (a tie with paying for shipping)
  • Wasting time that could've been spent doing hot girl sh*t
  • Overpaying for a service that didn't deliver its promises
  • Unfavorable surprises in the "fine print"
  • Keto and celery juice... just eat the celery ?? Make it make sense
  • Time-wise and financially, I like to get what I pay for, and I don't like to overpay.  You too? Great, we'll get along just fine.
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H O W  M Y  C O A C H I N G  W O R K S

1:1 Zoom Calls

Face-to-face guidance to reinforce the process.

Text me! (Voxer App)

6 months - I'm just a text away for accountability and help

Trainerize App

6 months of customized training with the ease of an app

Additional Guides

Bonus materials to keep forever so you never go backwards

Example First Day as a Client...

  • Morning: get up, eat the overnight oats Coach (Tori) told you to prep the night before, they're DOPE that'll be a permanent recipe
  • Mid-Morning: eat the snacks you got with inspiration from the Pantry Playbook, which you got for free as a client. How did you NOT know these existed?? 
  • Afternoon: Feeling guilty for eating something...text Coach (Tori) right away.  She talks you off the ledge. Explains why it's happening and how we can reprogram it. That wasn't so bad!
  • Late-Afternoon: Hitting a wall, that darn 3pm energy crash.  Text Coach. She explains why it's happening and together you make a plan to fix it moving forward. You make a better food choice than the energy drink you usually grab after asking Coach what to do.
  • Evening: you're not feeling like cooking. Coach gave you some healthy alternatives when this happens. Not today, Taco Bell, not today... 
  • Bedtime: where did the time go?? Good thing your workout today is only 15 minutes!  First Zoom call with Coach on Friday to debrief the first week.
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Need to hear verbal testimonials?
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This short clip of testimonials is from people I've helped just like you. Nurses, students, moms, engineers, business professionals...all people who decided they were done messing around, got a coach, and changed their lives.


Y O U R  P A C K A G E S

What's included with each package:

VIP Package

$1,647 one-time (save $555) or 6 monthly payments of $367

What's Included:

  • (2) 45-minute Zoom calls monthly
  • Initial 1-hour Zoom consultation 
  • Weekly Voxer App text and voice memos - I'm in your pocket literally all day
  • Customized training plan via Trainerize App
  • Client Action Plan and Execution Timeline to keep forever
  • All-access to passive products (like the Pantry Playbook) 
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Basic Package

$1,044 one-time (save $480) or 6 monthly payments of $254

What's Included:

  • (2) 60-minute Zoom calls - initial consultation and halfway mark
  • Weekly Voxer App text and voice memos - I'm in your pocket literally all day
  • Customized training plan via Trainerize App
  • FREE Pantry Playbook and Decked Out Workout Guide
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Single Sessions

$187 and under

Deep Dive Intensive or Power Hour

  • 90-minute Deep Dive Intensive: 2 Weeks of Voxer, 90-minute face-to-face on Zoom, 10-12 page custom wellness plan
  • Power Hour: 60-minutes face-to-face on Zoom


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