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This short clip of testimonials is from people I've helped just like you.  Nurses, students, moms, engineers, business professionals...all individuals that sought change and decided the quality of their lives through health and fitness was the most important thing.

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Is this you?

You struggle with consistency, balance, and accountability.  You always start strong, but you always fizzle out.

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Diet is your downfall.

For you, life makes nutrition harder! Things always come up.  You want food freedom and you want to be smarter with nutrition.

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You have NO time.

You run on a hamster wheel all week and wonder how you can prioritize your goals in the first place and make it long-term.

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How does this sound...

You never have to track a point, calorie, bite, carb, or whatever ever again.  You can intelligently and intuitively eat.


No foods are off limits. EVER.


You never worry about your jeans not zipping.


Getting your picture taken doesn't give you anxiety.


You ended the "all or nothing" fitness mentality and get results without being "perfect". 


You don't have to kill yourself in every single workout or be a cardio bunny.


You don't even have to be at the gym for more than 30 minutes.


Your fitness is never about stress, anxiety, restriction, compensation or recovering from something you did or ate.


You never touched a diet, shake, meal replacement, waist trainer, or fad ever again.

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I would often follow fad diets or the latest workout trend and be extremely dedicated...for about a week.  
I can say that after working with Tori, I've cemented health as a habit.


Tori is the best coach I have ever had.  She challenges in just the right way.  
As a result, I keep becoming stronger, healthier, and better than I've ever been in my life.


I had always struggled with finding the right eating routine.  Tori has helped me gain muscle and feel in control of what I eat, while also feeling more energized and awake.

Have you ever said or thought the following...

I always have goals I want to achieve and love the idea of getting there but cannot get the motivation to actually be consistent.


I don't know exactly what I should be doing or how to do the things that will work best for me.


I've made some progress on my own but I'm scared of going in reverse, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells.


I've been consistently working out and eating healthy and I haven’t dropped the weight, I think I'm broken.


I don't want to be shredded, I just want to be healthy and feel good.


I know the basics of nutrition and fitness, but I'm overwhelmed by all the information available and about what is ACTUALLY best for ME.


I think about food a LOT, definitely more than the average person.

⇨ No brainer. How do I start?

Meet the Coach

What's up, I'm Tori!  I like to ski, hang out with my golden retriever, hop on a plane whenever I can and...

Oh used to ruin my life.  I obsessed over it.  I was perfect, right down to my apple cider vinegar...until I wasn't.

In about 4 years I went from restrictive eating and destroying myself in the gym to binge eating and isolating myself to now, where I have balance, food freedom, and can genuinely say this lifestyle is easy for me. 

It didn't used to be, and I remember what it was like going through the many trials of fitness.  Alone.

It's my absolute mission to change the trajectory of your fitness and make a sustainable healthy lifestyle your easy, simple reality in a way you never thought possible.

My philosophy:

Time is our greatest asset, and high quality fitness creates a high quality, limitless life.

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The only place I used to feel comfortable was in group classes.  I was envious of other women who knew what they were doing in the gym/didn't care what others were doing around them, something I struggled with for not wanting to look stupid or incapable.  Now I have the confidence to not feel out of place.


I've become way more consistent and diligent with my training.  It's become 20x more of a routine than just casual lifting. Tori taught me you have to take it as serious in the kitchen as in the gym.  Tori actually knows her sh*t and has taught me so much, if anyone asks me for help, I'm sending them her way ASAP.

What if I told you everything you want will be real in

I know it may be hard to see right now, but visualize you having ALREADY achieved your fitness goal, or being on a concrete path to doing so. 

We are celebrating.  You think, wow, I never thought this could be my life. 

But it is.  Here you are. It's completely real. 
This is you 6 months from now. 

All because you decided to start today.

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After working with me you will be able to:

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Identify and change

behaviors and limiting beliefs that have constantly held you back from achieving your goal and living your highest quality life.

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Take charge and manage

your nutrition and exercise with new skills and understanding, free of obsession and anxiety in food-related situations.

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Embody confidence

through fitness and watch it transcend to other areas of life.  Stand taller at work, improve relationships, and level up.

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The longer you wait to change,
the longer you pay the price in every other area of your life.